Happy 5 Months Aubrey Joy!

So I am almost a week late, but life has been insane!  I think this month has flown by, but it has been so incredibly fun with you!  You keep us laughing, and we love how interactive you’ve become!



  • Putting EVERYTHING in your mouth
  • Looking at yourself in the mirror
  • Playing with your feet
  • Any activity toys
  • Sitting up
  • Outside
  • Bath time


  • Bedtime.  Womp. Womp.

You’re weighing in around 18 lbs, and still wearing 3-6 months clothes. When people meet you, the first thing they say after they find out how old you are is, “She’s a HEALTHY girl!” AKA you’re a little chunker, but it’s just the cutest!


There was a week this month, where you learned something new almost every day!  It has been so fun watching you figure things out!  One day you figured out a new screeching sound you can make, then you figured out how to blow spit bubbles, and then you found your feet!  All within 3 days!


You roll over both ways and scoot all around when we lay you down.  You’ll be crawling in no time!  You can also sit up for a brief second before you start to lean.  Sooner or later you won’t need our help.


I am FINALLY seeing a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to spit up! (Praise God!… Literally!) you are still spitting up, but a fraction of what it was before.

You are starting to really notice the dogs, and you just stare at them as they play.  You try to pet them, but instead you just hit them.  We’ll work on it.


We’ve officially reached the point where you drop EVERYTHING on the floor.  I know you’re learning, so surprisingly it doesn’t bother me…yet.

Along with dropping things, you’re a grabber!  You see something you want, and you’re quick!  You’re favorite thing to grab is my hair… it’s not my favorite.  You’re really determined when something is out of your reach. You try nonstop until you reach it or we hand it to you.


You don’t have any teeth yet, but it’s just a matter of time.  I can see both of them under your gums, so it could be any day now that they break through!  Maybe we’ll sing, “all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth” for extra encouragement. 😉  The weirdest part is, teething doesn’t seem to be upsetting you.  I think other than excessive drool and chewing on everything it doesn’t seem to be phasing you.  I didn’t even know your teeth were coming in until the other day when I caught a glimpse in your mouth (which is NOT easy to do, because as soon as I try to look your tongue starts searching to suck on my finger).


You’re working on dropping from 4 naps a day to 3 naps, but sometimes you just need that extra catnap before bedtime.

Before we moved, you were sleeping in your own room and it took be about 10-15 minutes to put you to sleep.  Then we moved… And bedtime crumbled.  You’re back in our room because yours has been under construction since the day we closed.  Now it takes about an hour and a half to get you down.  If I stop nursing you, your world comes to an end as you know it.  So my nights are basically spent laying in bed with you.  I go back and forth between absolutely loving the snuggles, and wishing I had the freedom to get stuff done and have our room back at night. We are almost done with your room, and then we will transition you into your room… And the crib.  I’m seriously dreading this, and I fear there may not be a lot of sleep for us during this transition. (Since I’m late on posting this, you started sleeping in your crib this week!  But that will be in next month’s post).

This month you got to spend time with 2 of your great grandmas, and you’ll meet Grams next month!

You were such a good baby during our move.  It was a long weekend, but you just snuggled with whoever was holding you.  IMG_8970

I love when you get excited, because you’re whole body wiggles. It cracks me up!

Other than bedtime, you are just the happiest baby.  Your little giggles are the sweetest, and your daddy and I will do just about anything to get you to laugh.  We absolutely love you sweet girl!

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Happy 5 Months Aubrey!