Happy 7 Months Aubrey Joy!

You’re already almost 8 months by the time I post this, and half of this information is different now, but here is what was going on when you turned 7 months! 

Another month has passed, and a million more smiles that you’ve put on my face.

  • Bathtime
  • Outside
  • Standing up
  • Dogs
  • Food


  • being in the car longer than 20-30 minutes
  • missing naps or napping in new places
  • letting mom look in her mouth for new teeth

You’re still in 9 months clothes, but at the rate you’re gaining weight it won’t be for long.  The last time we weighed you, you were 20 lbs and 4 oz.

You still have two teeth, but it won’t be long before the top two pop through. 

You are developing so quickly!  Right after you turned 6 months old you mastered sitting up on your own, and within a few days you were pulling yourself into the crawling position and rocking.  A few days after you put yourself into the crawl position, you figured out how to pull yourself up and stand!  I cry every time you do something new for the first time.  I’m not ready for all of this growing up!  You are becoming so mobile!  You pull yourself with your arms, you roll around, and you just figured out the crawl motion.  You plop back to your belly after a couple movements, but I’m sure that within the next week or two you’ll have crawling mastered.

Bedtime goes so much more smoothly now, and I am so thankful for that.  I used to put you down, and then you would wake up 2-4 times before you finally fell asleep.  I felt like I was constantly in your room. Then you would wake up 3 times a night.  It was exhausting.  Now after you go to sleep, you stay asleep and I can actually run around and clean the house! You go down around 7 and wake up around 7-7:15.  You wake up 1-2 times a night, and a couple of times you would wake up once before I fell asleep, and then sleep until morning.  That was a glorious night of sleep for me!


We celebrated your first Christmas, and it just made me so happy.  I looked around on Christmas morning and just felt so incredibly blessed.





You try desperately to pet the dogs anytime they are near, but they are learning quickly that you yank on their ears and tails.  Occasionally sweet Daisy will give in.


You got to hang out with our family from Virgina, and you and Jackson just melted my heart.


We gave you a sippy cup for the first time, and you aren’t really sure what to do with it.


Bathtime is your favorite.  You are splashing all around and we couldn’t keep you still if we tried. (I love your bath tub pictures, but I won’t be posting your adorable little behind on the Internet) 

You’re personality is coming out, and it just cracks us up!  We are so looking forward to every day with you!  We love you sweet girl!

Happy 7 months Aubrey Joy!