Baby M – 31 Weeks


Bump Analysis? Ignore the awesome farmers tan I got this weekend… 9 weeks left!! Give or take… AKA she could be here sooner!!

Month/Trimester? 7 months [28 weeks – 31 weeks] / 3rd Trimester!

Fruit of the week? This week, Aubrey is the size of a pineapple!  I don’t know about you but I think a pineapple is pretty dang big to push out… She is approximately 15.2 – 16.7 in long, and weighs between 2.5 – 3.8 lbs!

Development? She is going through lots of brain and nerve development.  Her eyes are continuing to develop and her irises now react to light.  All five of her senses are now functioning.

Movement? We like to play this game when she’s awake.  I poke on an area of my belly, and she kicks me back in that same spot!  It just cracks me up since it doesn’t matter what side I poke, she responds in the same area.  It really makes me feel like I’m already playing with her!

Name? Aubrey Joy 🙂

Testing? My doctor hasn’t called me in regards to my glucose test… I’m guessing no news and good news!  My mom can stop worrying about my water consumption now, I’m really just thirsty 🙂

Weight Gain?   2 lbs this week… Totaling 24 lbs.


  • Back Pain – Ohh it’s back with a vengeance! If I’m sitting or laying down it’s okay, but as soon as I put weight onto my right foot, I get a shooting pain up my back that’s taken my breath away a few times… My only guess is this sweet little girl of mine has settled in on a nerve somewhere… She needs to move… STAT!
  • Dry Nose – this has been an issue from the very beginning of my pregnancy, but now I feel like it’s just getting worse.  My nose is so dry, and it keeps randomly bleeding.  Please tell me I’m not the only pregnant girl this is happening to!
  • Excessive pee breaks
  • Tailbone Pain
  • Heartburn

Cravings?  So my friend sent me this link last week, and from then on it was all I could think about.  The Cookie Dough Cafe – Edible cookie dough.  No eggs.  AKA safe for this big huge pregnant girl to eat!  I immediately looked up a store in my area that carried it and went to purchase it!

Aversions? Buffalo Chicken Dip

Sleep? I’m starting to get RLS pretty badly when I’m trying to fall asleep.  My calves just feel achy and tingly, and I keep asking Paul to massage my legs.  I don’t know that I can complain though.  Maybe I’m not far along to feel this, but most pregnant women complain about sleep, or the lack thereof, and I’m still sleeping pretty well once I fall asleep!

Maternity Clothes?  Well, I’m making the switch.  The switch to maternity/nursing bras and tanks.  It’s really just unrealistic for me to continue wearing mine.  Motherhood had a Buy 3 get 1 Free sale… So now I just need them to come in the mail, and I’ll decide how much more comfortable my life just got.

Exercise? So this whole shooting back pain thing makes me not want to move… like ever.  So this is a struggle right now.   A walk sounds horrible, and I think our lamaze classes terrified my husband who no longer wants me to go to the gym.  He’s pretty positive it will send me into pre-term labor.

Wedding Rings? ON!

Stretch Marks? No change here… Still using Burts Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter and BioOil.

Labor Signs? Braxton hicks are more apparent when I am active and walking.

What I miss? I want to go shopping… For cute clothes, not “Hey you’re huge clothes”….

Looking forward to? My brother and his sweet girlfriend got me a prenatal massage for Christmas.  I’ve been holding onto it until later in my pregnancy when I got more uncomfortable.  While I have to say I don’t feel super uncomfortable all day, by the end of the day I’m pretty achy, so a massage sounds just perfect for me this week 🙂 Thanks Trav & Victoria!

Baby M – 23 weeks + 1 day

Bump Analysis? No bump picture this week – Paul is currently in San Diego, and I just got back. So we will skip this week, but I assure you my bump is still there and growing…

Month/Trimester? 6 months [22 weeks – 27 weeks] / 2nd Trimester!

Fruit of the week? Our baby is the size of a grapefruit! 10.5 -11.8 inches long and 12.7 – 20.8 ounces!

Development? She’s forming little nipples, and her face is fully formed.  She can listen to my voice and heartbeat, along with other loud noises like dogs barking… I’m sure she’s already been woken up a few times by ours… Poor thing.

Movement? Her kicks are getting so much stronger!  A few nights ago, it felt like she was literally having a dance party in my stomach.  I had Paul put his hand on my stomach, and he felt her moving more than just the once now! I’m sure if I would have lifted my shirt we would have seen my belly moving…

Name? Aubrey Joy 🙂

Testing? Nothing new at this point!

Weight Gain? Holding steady at 1 lb a week for a grand total of 11 lbs.


  • Back pain
  • Acne
  • My belly button is losing the battle, and halfway to an outie.
  • Excessive pee breaks
  • Faint line (Linea Nigra) forming below my belly button – not cute.
  • Losing hair at my hair line, which is super cute and makes my hair look AWESOME…. not.
  • The newest pregnancy ailment – tailbone pain.  I want to sit on a donut like an old lady.

Cravings? Food as people mention it.  This week someone said Milkshake, and I HAD to have one… or two.

Aversions? Buffalo Chicken Dip

Sleep? I busted out my sister’s SNOOGLE pillow this week… big giant pregnancy pillow that is long and skinny, and curves at both ends like a snake.  The first night I thought it was useless… now I love it.  It typically holds me in one position at night on my side, and I can actually fall asleep on my side with it.  The downfall is it creates a wall along the side of the bed that locks me in, and when I have to climb out of bed to pee or wake up in the morning it’s a struggle to get over the dang pillow.

Maternity Clothes? Some shirts…I’ll definitely be busting out maternity pants soon.  My jeans are so uncomfortable now, I’ve been wearing outfits that go with leggings for comfort.

Exercise? I made it to the gym 2 times last week, but with traveling and having people in town it just got pushed to the side.  This week Paul will be gone again, which will leave me unmotivated, but I’m gonna go!

Wedding Rings? ON!

Stretch Marks? Don’t say that word around here!  After my shower I use Burt’s Bees Mama Baby Belly Butter, and before I go to bed at night I use BioOil.

Labor Signs? Praying not to have these anytime soon!

What I miss? Every time I make a trip to Tallahassee I come back seriously missing my nieces.  I’ve been going back once a month, but they change SO much in that month!  Kennedy amazes me each time I see her with her memory, vocabulary, and personality.  Reese just melted my heart the whole time I was there.  She is just the sweetest thing, and she’s starting to talk, but my absolute favorite is when she runs up and clings to my legs to tell me “UP”.  Then I pick her up and she just cuddles… cue melting heart, and then the urge to cry because I CAN NOT WAIT to cuddle with Aubrey! I miss seeing those crazy girls all the time!    This post may or may not be a hint to tell my sister she needs to get home more frequently, especially since my trips will be much less frequent in 4 months! 🙂

Looking forward to? Spending the weekend with my handsome husband before he leaves me for the arctic tundra that is Milwaukee.  I’m also seriously looking forward to the mail coming in a few days… I may or may not have ordered the cutest little baby TOMS for Aubrey for when she starts walking.  I may have jumped the gun on these, because she won’t wear them for quite some time, but they were on sale and I’m obsessed.  So it’s justified.

Baby M – 22 Weeks

22 Weeks

Bump Analysis? This is a pre-gym picture.  That belly just keeps growing, which means my little girl is growing! 🙂

Month/Trimester? 6 months [22 weeks – 27 weeks]  – Is this real life?!  / 2nd Trimester!

Fruit of the week? Our baby is the size of a papaya! 10.5 -11.8 inches long and 12.7 – 20.8 ounces! That’s a pretty wide range for the weight change this week!

Development? Her eyes and lips are more developed, and she is looking more like a newborn than a foreign alien 🙂 She is sleeping in cycles about 12 -14 hours a day.

Movement? Her kicks are finally getting stronger, and her daddy finally felt her for the first time this past week!! His words, “That’s weird…”. Touching, I know. 🙂

Name? Aubrey Joy 🙂

Testing? Nothing new at this point!

Weight Gain? 10 lbs… I’ve officially hit double digits. Scary.

Symptoms? This may be easier to list at this point

  • Back pain.  Seriously – Ouch.  It’s not uncommon to see me with a rice bag attached to my back via ace bandage.  Getting creative over here!
  • Acne
  • Belly button losing the battle, and being pushed out.
  • Excessive pee breaks – seriously, this last week I’ve been peeing more than normal, and I don’t think that will be going away anytime soon.
  • Faint line forming below my belly button – I believe its called Linea Nigra, and it’s not cute.

Cravings? I feel like my cravings are weaning off… I just really want food/sweets in general.

Aversions? Buffalo Chicken Dip

Sleep? Between fighting a cold, and waking up to pee or because I HATE sleeping on my back and side, sleep is no fun right now.  I’m dreaming of the days I can sleep on my stomach again!

Maternity Clothes? Some shirts… It’s technically “winter” in Florida.  As in it get’s cold a couple times every few weeks, and I’m desperately trying not to buy any winter maternity clothes.  I’ll need summer clothes, but I’m making do with the same 4 shirts over and over again.  🙂

Exercise? So this is a new update this week that I figured I should add, and hopefully keep myself accountable?  Long story short, I’ve been slacking on exercise mainly due to the fact that I’m being lazy or my back is bothering me.  This past weekend I decided enough was enough, and in fear of gaining too much weight I hit the gym with Paul.  The downfall is the only cardio I can do right now without shooting pains in my back is ride the bike – so much for variety.  As for weights, I have a very protective husband.   So with lots of monitoring and very little weight I’ll be doing some weight training as well.  So my goal for this week is 2-3 times since we have a LOT going on this week!

Wedding Rings? ON!

Stretch Marks? Don’t say that word around here…

Labor Signs? Praying not to have these anytime soon!

What I miss? No back pain – I’m kind of terrified it hurts this badly at only 22 weeks… How the heck am I going to function at 30+?!

Looking forward to? A date night with my sweet husband, and a trip to Tallahassee to see my sister and her crazy little family, and my friends! 🙂

Baby M – 21 Weeks

21 Weeks

Bump Analysis? Really starting to feel huge this week, but I think I have been saying that every week.  It becomes more true with each week that passes.  (Also meet Laila and Brody – 2 of the 3 crazy dogs in our house)

Month/Trimester? 5 months / 2nd Trimester!

Fruit of the week? Our baby is the size of a pomegranate! 10.5 inches long and 12.7 ounces!  Which means she grew about 4 inches this week!!

Development? Her digestive system is preparing for the outside world, and her little body is now manufacturing meconium.  Since she is a little girl, she already has her lifetime supply of eggs in her womb!

Movement? Lots of movements that make me so happy to feel!  One day her daddy will feel her moving around too…

Name? Aubrey Joy 🙂

Testing? Nothing new at this point!

Weight Gain? 9 lbs – Which means I gained about 2 lbs last week which is the most I’ve ever gained in a week, and can probably directly correlate with how much pasta I ate last week… Oops.

Symptoms?  I’ve had some random waves of nausea this past week, and my stomach is getting super itchy in spite of my constant slathering of Baby Belly Butter and Bio Oil. I think my belly button is starting to lose the battle of staying in.  I believe it’s gradually being pushed out of place.  I’ve had back pain off and on since about 6 weeks, but it’s becoming more constant and making me lazy.  Eventually, I think my face will start to look normal again, but for now I’ll keep looking like a 15 year old girl who just hit puberty.  They say little girls steal your beauty,  well I think Aubrey stole any and all beauty I’ve ever had.

Cravings? Shrimp and pasta.  Pasta and shrimp.

Aversions? Buffalo Chicken Dip

Sleep? Lots of waking up.  Lots of random dreams.

Maternity Clothes? Still just a few maternity shirts, but my pants are becoming pretty uncomfortable…

Wedding Rings? ON!

Stretch Marks? Don’t say that word around here…

Labor Signs? Praying not to have these anytime soon!

What I miss? Walking without back pain… shooting pains don’t make me want to exercise, they make me want to lay in bed with a box of Oreos.  The struggle is real.

Looking forward to? Finishing the accent wall in the nursery this weekend 🙂

And since I haven’t yet shared this reaction video of my parents yet on the blog, I’ll leave you today with this… about 16 weeks late 🙂