Baby M – 16 Weeks

16 weeks

Bump Analysis? I went from barely having a bump to looking 6 months pregnant over night… or at least that’s how it feels.

Trimester? 2nd Trimester

Fruit of the week? Our baby is the size of an avocado! 4.6 inches long and 3.5 ounces!

Development? Baby M has little bones forming in their ears that allows them to hear my voice now!  The baby is also growing lashes, hair, eyebrows, and their taste buds are forming!

Movement?  I swear I’ve felt some flutters, but I can’t be sure if it is actually baby I feel…Still waiting to know for sure 🙂

Names? Our boy name is set in stone, and Paul is 100% with the girl name, and I think we’re about 90% on the girls name!  January 8th we find out if we’re having a little boy or girl, and maybe that will help us decide!

Testing? The results for the NT exam came back great, so that is amazing news 🙂

Weight Gain? 3 lbs as of this morning – but that bump looks like a lot more than 3 lbs.

Symptoms?  Still having some headaches and dizzy spells.  Paul doesn’t even ask anymore when I grab onto him and try to steady myself.

Cravings? Not really craving anything – the other day I wanted a donut.  Does that count?

Aversions? Still not feeling the poultry.  The smell of BBQ is terrible.  I want nothing to do with it, and I’m pretty sure I’ll never eat buffalo chicken dip again.

Sleep?  I fall asleep on my stomach every night, but I wake up multiple times throughout the night on my back.  I think my body is letting me know that stomach sleeping won’t last much longer, and then I’m pretty sure I’ll never sleep again.

Maternity Clothes? Still wearing all my normal clothes, but I did bust out my belly band this week so my shorts were more comfortable.  I also washed the entire bag of maternity clothes my sister gave me to get them ready.  I’m sure I’ll be busting them out soon!

What I miss? Every night I put oil on before I go to bed to help with stretch marks and itchy skin.  I miss going to bed without being oily, but I guess I still have a long time before that happens right?

Looking forward to?  That big game on January 1st between our Noles and the Oregon Ducks… Time to go duck hunting!!! 🙂 Go NOLES!

The Calm Before the Storm

Today is Paul’s last day working for his current company.  He has worked so incredibly hard over the last two years, and I am so proud of him.   This means that his new job starts next week, and the chaos is about to begin!

September will be a whirlwind of a month… or maybe the rest of the year will be a whirlwind, but we are taking this day by day over here!  We sold “Frank”, my little Nissan on Wednesday.  We are down to 1 car until next week when he heads on over to Jacksonville to meet with his Regional Manager, and pick up his company car.  The following week he will be in Wisconsin for training, and I’ll be in Arizona for work.  When I get back from Arizona, he leaves for Orlando to start working his new territory.  The last weekend of September we move!  Not to mention that football season is upon us, and as proud season ticket holders of the reigning National Champions (GO NOLES!) we will be fitting all of the traveling/moving/packing in around our football games on Saturdays.

That being said this weekend is our calm before the storm.  We will be enjoying our long 3 day weekend watching our Noles scalp OSU in Dallas tomorrow night, and living vicariously through our friends who have ventured on out to Dallas to be there in person.  Then we may end up at a pool/beach, or anything that allows us to avoid the housework/packing that needs to begin.  This weekend we will enjoy the last little bit of relaxation we have, before we start a new adventure together.

Happy Labor Day Weekend and Go Noles! 🙂

We’re Moving!

Now that this information has been given to our bosses and co-workers, Paul and I can officially publicize that we will be moving next month!

Paul was recently approached by one of his manufactuers for an internal sales position with them.  This was a long 2 month process, and if you know me it was a TORTUROUS secret to keep.  From the very beginning, we thought he had a great chance of getting the job.  He was told he was the “top candidate for the position”  (yes, that’s my husband that was APPROACHED as the TOP candidate for a position – super proud wife moment so I have to brag!)  Originially we were under the impression he could stay in Tallahassee and work.  As the weeks progressed, he learned that was no longer the case.  Due to his new territory, and the amount of business in Orlando, we decided the best place for us to relocate to within his territory will be Orlando!   This new job is a huge blessing, and with Paul covering less territory and the majority of it in Orlando, it means a lot less traveling for him!  Which makes us both happy!

This past weekend in Orlando, we started looking for places to live.  Our next hope will be to find a house to rent that allows 3 dogs… call that landlord crazy but I will love them forever if it means we get to take our 3 babies with us!  Luckily for us, my parents are in Lake Mary, and so we have a place to stay if it takes a while to find a place (thanks mom and dad!).

We are extremely excited about this opportunity for Paul, but it is definitely bittersweet.  Tallahassee was home to each of us before we met, and now it holds all of the memories we have created together.  Paul and I both really love our jobs, and not just our jobs but the people we work for!  Which only makes the decision that much harder, but we know it is the right one for us.

God has really outdone himself on this one.  It just goes to show that God’s plan will prevail. Without the job opportunity Paul was given two years ago, he wouldn’t have the opportunity he has now.  He has gone above and beyond when answering our prayers! We even already have someone to rent out our house when we move at the end of September!  Whew!

Paul starts his new job on September 1st in Orlando.  We will basically have a long distance marriage for a month, and we will move at the end of September.  September will be busy… and stressful!

We are sad to leave Tallahassee, but since it is the Home of the Florida State Seminoles and football season is approaching… so there is no doubt that we will be back regularly! Well back for football… and our adorable nieces and their parents 🙂