Happy 10 Months Nolan Paul

For some reason 10 Months is so close to 1 year old that I just keep getting sad that you’re already almost 1! Since we are currently living as gypsy’s for the next few months, I don’t have any idea where the sticker is for the monthly picture, and the rocking chair is in storage… so this will do.

This past month with you has been so much fun! You’re development is just exploding!

You learned to clap your hands… which is just so stinkin’ cute! You give big open mouth kisses, and you wave. You also LOVE balls… doesn’t matter what kind. You see one, and it’s game on. You throw it, and play fetch with yourself! I’m also pretty positive “ba” is one of your first words!

Speaking of words… you say make all sorts of noises. “Ma ma” “da da” “ba” and “pf”. When you see a ball, you always say “ba”, which makes us think this is considered a word. You also know mama and dada… it’s a debate which one came first. Obviously, I think mama.

You are standing, and letting go to test your balance. I know it won’t be long before you’re walking… which is terrifying because you’re already climbing things. We lived at Auntie’s house for less than a week, and you already figured out how to climb the stairs and onto the picnic table.

You LOVE to eat, but you need protein or you get hangry. You know how to use straws, but you still won’t really use a sippy cup.

You are a momma’s boy for sure. You do not like when I walk away. You will also be perfectly happy playing until you see me, and then you cry and crawl to me until I hold you.

You had your first taste of sugar tonight when I gave you a bite of your sister’s ice cream to celebrate Grandma’s birthday… and Grandpa gave you a sip of his chocolate shake… you’re definitely the second baby because Aubrey was not allowed to have sugar for a really really long time.

You take much better naps now, and sleep so much better when it is pitch black. You typically sleep through the night, but the last two weeks have been rough. I’m not sure if it’s the change in surrounding, developmental or teething… I just know it’s making us drink a lot more coffee.

You bite. Hard. Every time I hold you, you lean over and bite my arm, and occasionally my chest. You’re quick, and it really hurts. You’ve bruised my arm, and left lumps you’ve bit so hard. When I catch you to stop you, you laugh… so there’s that.

Good thing you’re so dang cute.

You are so incredibly sweet. You love your sister and cousins. You brighten my world, and I am so torn between wanting to keep you little and being so excited to watch you grow up.

Also, we learned you look dang cute in a hat!

Happy 10 Months my sweet boy!

Happy 9 Months Nolan Paul!

It’s amazing to me, that I’ve already been able to hold you in my arms longer than I carried you inside me! Time is just flying by, and now you’re 9 months old!

You’re 23 lbs (97th percentile) and 28 3/4 inches long (68th percentile). You’re still rocking 12-18 Month clothes… thank goodness! You still have 6 teeth, but I think there are some that may appear soon!

You had your first haircut this month to get rid of your combover. You hated it.

You have the cutest crawl. You always put your knee down on one leg, and then your other leg you use your foot and push off. You are scaling furniture like a champ, and trying desperately to keep up with your sister. Her room is your favorite place to play.

You just babble away all day long, baba, dada, pff, mama… no none of those are your first words (even though your dad is sure your dada babble means him. It doesn’t…yet).

You take 2 naps a day (sometimes adding in a car nap when your naps are not long enough). You wake up between 5:30-6:30 and go to bed at 6:30. I love how you snuggle us when you’re sleepy now. It makes my heart happy.

You LOVE blueberries. You will eat them all day! You freaked your daddy out when he went to change your diaper after lots of blueberries! You are also still a serious puff monster! You eat everything we eat, and you’re loving it.

You still aren’t a fan of car rides. They are hit or miss. Sometimes you’re happy as can be, other times you would think we are torturing you. Sometimes you’ll pass right out in the car if you’re tired, other times you scream the entire way to let us know that you’re tired… we know buddy. I promise. I’ve resorted to giving you teething biscuits when you get upset.

You don’t like when Momma leaves… which means I often get called during church on Sundays, and sometimes when I drop you off for Mom’s Morning Out.

I absolutely love watching you play with your sister, and hearing you both giggling together! I want to savor these moments while it’s all giggling and not fighting. I pray you guys have an amazing relationship throughout life.

You are so sweet and happy. I love how much you’ve added to our family. I can’t wait to watch you grow up little man! I love you! Happy 9 Months sweet boy!