28 Never Looked So Good

My handsome husband is 28!  Which according to him means he has already reached his “prime” and is on the downward spiral… at 28!  (It’s okay to think he’s crazy – I may have told him myself.)  So today I would like to tell you why you are so far from your prime My Love.

Lo and Paul (12 of 29)

  1. You work so insanely hard, and I am so incredibly proud of you.  You are just getting settled into a career, and I know you are far from reaching your potential.  This means that you still have not reached your prime.
  2. We have had 1 real vacation together which was our honeymoon.  We have way too many places on our bucket list that need to be crossed off before you can reach your prime.
  3. You have the most amazing heart and one day you will make the perfect father to our children. I can only imagine how in love with you our kids will be. You cannot reach your prime until after we have children!
  4. We just got married (almost) 1 year ago – I think we make each other better and our story just got started! So you obviously have NOT reached your prime!

This list is short, sweet and to the point, but this is by no means the end of it.  Everyday I have more reasons why I love you.  Everyday my appreciation for you grows.  We have so many ideas and so many things we have yet to do.  With each day that passes our dreams grow larger and closer.  We still have to have babies, and grandbabies,  go on vacations, buy new houses that will need loads more yard work, plenty of home renovations,  and so much more!  One day we will sit on our front porch when we are old and grey, reminiscing on our amazing life we built together, but until that time My Love, you have not reached your prime.  We have far too many adventures left ahead of us.

Happy Birthday Handsome!

Lo and Paul (4 of 29)